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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NetAndHost Consulting Partner with AWS

“Outsource your day to day AWS Cloud management & administration Services with ‘NetAndHost’ and experience the improved results and enhanced operations, especially designed for your specific requirements”

NetAndHost not only claims but proves to be your most trusted partner by providing its top-notch AWS cloud consulting, AWS cloud solutions and AWS cloud managed services, especially customized for your business. We feel proud to enrich your existing AWS environment with security, reliability, scalability and flexibility by providing it complete automation and administration. Our expert team of experts is capable enough to architect, deliver and manage high-performance cloud solutions and consultation services. All you need to do is focus on your business and make it achieve fabulous profits; we are here to take care of your DevOps and SysOps.

The complete suite of AWS Cloud Consulting Services provided by NetAndHost includes application performance management, AWS account management, AWS architecture & Infrastructure, Cost & Performance Optimization, Database Tuning, Continuous Deployment & Monitoring, Migration, Security Strategies and most importantly 24×7×365 DevOps support by our certified Engineers. In simple words, our Amazon Web Services Support team will; Discover Your Business Goals, Scrutinize Existing Environment, Make Feasibility Assessment, Prepare a Strategic Roadmap for Cloud Applicability, Evaluate Your Application Portfolio, Envisage the Deployment or Migration Options and Draft Implementation Processes.

We know you would be interested in getting detailed information on our AWS Consulting & Management service. When your infrastructure comes in operating mode, you can opt any of the following managed AWS services according to your requirements. Let’s go through them all one by one:

Being the cardinal organ of managed Amazon web services, Account Management refers to the management of ongoing day-to-day internal operations in a specific cloud environment. We at ‘NetAndHost’ utilize our best efforts to manage your complete cloud infrastructure, operations, performance, security and 24/7 support. The internal operations we mentioned here include:

Only building and operating an AWS infrastructure is not sufficient, rather its monitoring, management and maintenance is much more important. We at ‘NetAndHost’ provide our best-in-class infrastructure review & maintenance services to bring out next gen cloud results from your existing infrastructure. Everything that comes under cloud infrastructure applications such as computing, networking, data storage and content delivery is managed by us. Our team is competent enough to review your application infrastructure, implement expert monitoring into it and optimizing your business specific requirements to make it work with high efficiency. Here are our AWS infrastructure managed services in a simple way:

Secure AWS Architecture A highly efficient, reliable and secure architecture within AWS is key in optimizing your connectivity with your on premises IT systems as well as those running on other clouds. Join hands with NetAndHost as our comprehensive approach and expertise will ensure that you have an ideal solution for your organization’s requirements. We thoroughly focus on crucial requirements of our clients such as cost effectiveness, business growth, reduction of operational workload and ease of use, making it a worry-free experience for our clients.

We understand the dynamic nature of organizational needs and therefore our team of expert cloud architects stay engaged with you to enhance your architecture based on your specific needs and latest AWS innovations.


Optimizing Cost & Performance The dynamic nature of your company’s operational needs and the constant innovations in the AWS environment are dedicatedly monitored by our team of experts so you get the best value by choosing us. We offer a vast range of AWS services so you get the flexibility to choose what’s right for you based on your server requirements. Our advanced tools will provide you with recommendations by evaluating your AWS environment.

The evaluations that we perform will be based on the following:

AWS Development & Management Develop high performing and scalable websites that have a numerous developer and management tools with magnificent capabilities designed for your web services and applications.

You will get all-inclusive AWS solutions to manage development, testing and employment of AWS environments. Our expert services assist you in managing, running and updating your AWS applications in a better and more efficient way.


Amazon Web Services Architecture At NetAndHost, we provide strong applications tools and architecture of the AWS platform that helps you effectively manage it. You will get the most cost-effective solutions that are appropriately configured and interconnected as well as deliver high quality performance.

We strictly adhere to AWS best practices, code structure and design methodologies that successfully optimize cloud applications. Our team of qualified AWS experts is there to assist you in every phase of learning and acclimatizing to the AWS environment.

We have worked with numerous organizations and thoroughly understand how a powerful AWS environment can be built and developed.

Migrate your Application Portfolio with AWS When you decide to migrate your application portfolio to the AWS environment, it is crucial that you find an expert service provider that makes the transition smooth and efficient. If you choose to do it yourself, you incur heavy costs of searching, recruiting and retaining AWS experts that will not help you once the migration is complete. It also leads the company on an unclear direction in the long run as the AWS environment evolves dynamically.

Dedicated support by NetAndHost’s AWS experts helps in the process of migration and ensures that it is best suited to your work environment. We help you in migrating your on-premise data as well as that on other clouds in a hassle-free way.

We help identify issues that could hinder the migration as well as provide the perfect resolution to overcome those obstacles. Our expert services helps you effectively and efficiently migrate in a time bound manner.

Choose Best Platform to Run Your Website Our AWS consultation and management team has much expertise and experience in helping you, choose the best platform to run your websites in relevance to your AWS powered cloud managed by NetAndHost. Apart from this, we are also expert in providing you a flexibility to switch the platform whenever you require in accordance with your varying requirements.

Currently, the managed AWS cloud hosting we offer support various platforms such as PHP, JAVA, Node js, .NET etc.


Secure Amazon Web Services Security concern is the most important factor every organization is worried about, especially during migration from one environment to the other. It is a well known fact that NetAndHost’s managed cloud services powered by AWS is the most secure cloud solution for your business. But still, instead of feeling proud of our secure cloud services, we are always at heels to introduce new levels of security to our AWS. The only aim we have to keep your application portfolio to be the most secure one..

We have utilized a technical blend of our AWS expertise and security management tools such as access control, security firewalls, key storage etc. to ensure your cloud’s security from sudden interruptions and harmful issues.

Our team of security experts is on job 24x7 to monitor your clouds activities, identify and procure security issues and manage patches. Generally, we ensure your environments security on during these three operations: Account Level Security, Audibility and Logging and Infrastructure Management. Let’s have a look into our security practices:


AWS Cloud Mangement Strategies Nothing can match the strategies we make here at NetAndHost to keep your cloud environment fortified with fruitful results. We are proud of the rich experience we enjoy in making AWS cloud management strategies to exceed your business’s demands and expectations. We know that every organization has its specific applications or database in relevance to the nature of its business. So, we plan specific options for each one. In brief, the strategies we make include: financial assessment, technical management, security and disaster recovery factors, network performance and so on.

While making strategies, first of all we make an assessment about your positives and negatives. Then we prepare a review about your existing infrastructure and its performance and then our expert cloud architectures prepare a comprehensive roadmap to utilize the DevOps team’s expertise in generating the best SaaS and PaaS solutions for you. Furthermore, our consultation and management team will generate enterprise level recommendations and strategies to introduce new levels of security, performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability into your AWS managed cloud environment.

Last but the most important service you will only find at NetAndHost in real terms is 24x7x365 free of cost support service by our well-experienced team.

Along with thorough monitoring and management operations, we feel proud to offer the best-in-class Amazon Web Services Support & Backup to our clients. Whatever the time on either day, even during holidays you will find our support staff at your service.

Get 24/7 Technical Support

Our backup support staff is available on all online and offline modes. You can call us, drop an e-mail or leave us a notification or message on our support services page. You will get a call very soon and on the other side you will get an expert at your service.

Apart from this, the features such as feasibility, technical assessment, automation, integration and implementation will ensure you to enjoy easy configuration and cost-effective results. We have a well-built track record in assisting many businesses in getting the most out of migrating to AWS. You can focus on your core business and let our experts handle the migration for you. We can help you with architecting, building as well as managing a promising and highly efficient cloud infrastructure. We have a strong 24/7 support that backs up our clients when they need us. Working with us will definitely take the load off your IT department and give you the peace of mind that your migration is in good hands.

Contact our highly skilled team of experts to explore end-to-end Cloud consulting and cutting edge cloud technology.